Our philosophy

Hi, we're Ester and José. Mother and son united by the dream of building a better, cleaner and more socially conscious world.

Through Fresco we express ourselves, and thanks to this project we are beginning to realize that we are not alone. Together, we are building a growing community of likeminded people who are also working towards the same goals.

We know that every action in our lives has a direct impact on our health and our world, so from the outset we have decided to lead more socially conscious lives. It is not an easy path to lead because often it has meant high costs, greater investment of time and self doubt due to the lack of reference points in an unethical marketplace. Even so, we are happy to continue down this path and we want to share with you some of the things that make us who we are:

Our products are certified organic by Acene, because we want to take care of you.

We design, manufacture and package our soap by hand in Valencia.

The oil with which we make our Castile soap comes from a cooperative that helps with the social and work based integration of immigrants.

Our products are fragrance free and contain no parabens, phosphates, GMOs and other toxins.

We neither test on animals, nor use animal products. Marine life is not harmed when our products are flushed into rivers and oceans after use.

Our tablets are wrapped in glue free recycled paper and we no longer use plastic in our liquid soap containers. They will be available from 2020. 

t´s very difficult to understand the impact that our actions have on the world. We keep ourselves up-to-date about these issues and would like to tell you everything we know about how to build a better world. Come with us